Not just another shoe store

Dear friends,

Welcome to our community of runners!

Running and fitness started as hobbies for us, and they have evolved into our passion. Our mission with Sole 2 Soul Sports is to encourage you – and runners of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities – to achieve your own physical fitness goals SAFELY with the proper equipment and knowledge.

We opened Sole 2 Soul Sports in 2010 as a locally owned and operated store in Visalia, California. Your support and patronage enabled us to open additional stores – reaching and serving even more runners – in Fresno, California 2011 and now in Bakersfield, California 2012.

Our stores are special! Visit, and you'll see that we're not just a "shoe store."

Your needs come first, and our top priority is making sure you get the right product the very first time. At Sole 2 Soul Sports, you'll find a highly trained team who will use the latest technology – including iStep foot mapping and video analysis – to help you find the perfect shoes for you.

If you shop around, and compare "apples to apples," you'll find that running shoe prices are pretty much the same wherever you go. (Here's an insider secret: that's because pricing is really controlled by the manufacturer, not the retailer.) Running shoes at Sole 2 Soul Sports are no more expensive than anywhere else … you just get a ton of valuable "extras" when you shop with us!

With the help of our team, you'll find the very best running and fitness equipment for you – not necessarily for your neighbor or your best friend or that model in a magazine – for YOU!

Our team members are, indeed, experts at shoe fitting, but that's not all …

They also have vast running experience and the knowledge to assist you in achieving your own physical fitness goals!

We invite you to visit one of our stores and see for yourself the difference our passion can make. We invite you to embrace your inner runner, set her free, and see just how far she can go!

Life is a marathon, not a sprint … we invite you to enjoy the race!



P.S. Your help, support, and continued business, have enabled us to give back to our local community by supporting youth fitness activities and other community organizations. Thank you!