Getting Started

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Tips for the begginer runner.T

Take these simple steps to get started and make progress.
What is your running goal? If you are a new runner or returning to running after a long layoff then your primary goal should be to establish a consistent training pattern.  Always start slowly so you don’t end up discouraged by over doing it and becoming too sore or even injured. Here is some information that will help you  get started safely and having fun running regularly.

Getting Started
Start slowly and first build up to walking continuously for 30 minutes if you have not ran in the last six months. Then add running for 10 to 20 seconds every minute, walking the balance, for a total of 30 minutes. Run every other day, gradually adding five to 10 seconds to your run time.

It is common to have some muscle soreness in the beginning but not excessively. But there’s no need to feel pain, especially if you start with short, slow periods of running, take plenty of walk breaks, and gradually increase your run time.

Short on Time
If you are limited on time even a 10- to 15-minute run has benefits. It will also help you remain consistent, boost your mood and improve your fitness.

Signs of Improved Fitness
You will soon notice fitness results. You’ll notice that you will not be breathing as hard and your pace increasing. With regular running you will want to go faster and farther. Don’t be afraid to have some fun by entering a race. Races can often serve as motivation to keep you on the right track.