At Sole 2 Soul Sports, we welcome runners of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities – whether you're just beginning or are a seasoned veteran of multiple races!

You can come to us for a variety of your running and fitness needs, including accessories, gear, training, support, and … yes … shoes.

We want to make sure you get the right shoes the very first time. Hey, we understand – you're busy! You don't need to waste your valuable time returning something that doesn't work for you.

So we work hard, and utilize some pretty cool technology, to make sure you leave Sole 2 Soul Sports with shoes that you absolutely love.

The right running shoe for you!

A Sole 2 Soul Sports team member will help you find YOUR running shoes using a process that combines experience and technology. We'll spare you the marketing mumbo-jumbo and simply help you find the right shoe for you.

What does that mean?

YOUR perfect shoe is the one you find to be most comfortable – the one that works for your biomechanics, fits you well, and meets your running goals. We understand that what's right for you will likely be different from what's right for your friends, family or running partners ... In fact, what's right for you right now may even be different from when you first started running!

Our shoe fitting process

You'll find some advanced technology – iStep foot mapping and video analysis – at the core of our shoe fitting process. But don't worry … your part is simple!

First, our well-trained staff uses iStep to capture a 3-D image of your foot. This identifies your particular foot type and specific pressure points.

Then we turn you into a "movie star" and capture your gait on high-speed video. The video lets us analyze the fraction of a second during the gait process when your personal biomechanics make you most vulnerable to common injuries.

Your fitting expert combines this information and then interprets the results to provide you with recommendations on which shoes to try. But you don't have to take our word for it – you'll see for yourself what your feet are doing, as well as the differences as you try on different types of shoes.

If it's your first pair of "real" running shoes, or if your favorite style is updating, we'll watch you run in every pair of shoes you try on. You won't worry about whether the shoes you choose are going to work for you ... you'll know they're perfect.

And it's free – every day – a standard part of our expert and friendly shoe fit process.

So come in today to one of our local store locations and discover for yourself how running shoes are meant to feel. Experience the difference a Sole 2 Soul proper fit can make!
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