iStep foot mapping and video analysis

The hi-tech iStep foot mapping and video analysis technology is a part of our free full service shoe fitting process.

iStop Foot Mapping

iStep Foot Mapping

In less than 30 seconds the iStep will capture your foot type, pressure points and shoe size and then help recommend the ideal footwear and orthotics for your individual needs. The high concentration of sensors allows the device to perform a precise reading, even for a small child. Amazingly, this compact device also incorporates 1,326 infrared LEDs and Receptors that are aligned every half millimeter to ensure unmatched accuracy when measuring your foot. Images can be viewed in two or three dimensions and tests can be done in either static or dynamic format.
Gait Motion Analysis

Gait Motion Analysis

Gait analysis is the assessment of your bio-mechanics while you are running. We conduct a step-by-step process, starting from your original footwear and barefoot to a number of test shoes. Once the videos are recorded they are systematically synchronized and automatically compared! Our experienced staff uses this information to accurately evaluate each runner's foot shape and characteristic to find the right fit for you!